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Turning Crime into Craft.

People at risk become mentors.

In just five years, knife attacks on teenagers almost doubled in the UK. The crime prevention charity Key4Life wanted to make young people realize that knife crime is not the only option: Their innovative 7-step program helps to rehabilitate youth offenders and those at risk.

Our interactive campaign aims to rethink the knife as a constructive tool. Program attendees express what made them change their lives through self-made stencil artworks. Typographic workshops introduce them to creative ways of sharing feelings and reoccupying public space. The campaign amplifies their voices — right in the streets, where a mentor's advice is most needed.

In collaboration with city councils and local communities, urban gathering places are our canvas. Photographs taken from above, serve as poster motifs embedded into a multi-channel communication campaign.

Key4Life & Landor

Concept, Art Direction
Martin Klaffensteiner
Gerald Geier

Lisa Schultz

D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil

Stencil Stories
Basketball court:
Swimming pool:
Parking lot:

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