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The Art of Brewing.

The Art of Brewing.

The Art of Brewing.

The Art of Brewing.

The Art of Brew­ing.


Concept, design
Gerald Geier

Eva Buchheim

Lukas Preisinger, Werkstätte digitale Fotografie
Martin Klaffensteiner

Supervision by Eva Buchheim.
Documentation photography:
© Lukas Preisinger.
Werkstätte digitale Fotografie.
Photo assistance with 
Martin Klaffensteiner.

Stiegl is Austria’s largest family-owned brewery and launches an art edition annually since 1999. The so-called “Braukunst-Edition” (“Art of Brewing Edition”) of 2019 reinterprets the campaign concept: There’s got to be time for that. My designs show a delightful approach to take some time off during the summer: Having a nice break while enjoying an ice-cold beer.

The edition features twelve different motifs in total, available in restaurants, bars, and well-assorted supermarkets nationwide.