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Pirámide de México.

Pirámide de México.

Pirámide de México.

Pirámide de México.

Pirá­mide de México.

Book: Wurf Nr. 3 / Mexico City

Chapter concept, writing, design
Gerald Geier

Publication Art Direction
David Gallo
Bastian Moosburger

Uta Jugert

Martin Klaffensteiner, Gerald Geier

Our study trip to Mexico City exposed us to a unique culture, sharp contrasts, and memorable experiences. My chapter in our book about the journey shines a light on the severe social inequality linked to ethnic heritage. A problem that finds its roots in colonialism, and occurs on a global scale.

Pirámide — first spread
“We say we aren’t racist — but we are.“ — second spread
“The pyramid will again develop.“ — third spread
“We rise and fall together as one people.” — fourth spread

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